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Lusting for Lashes…

26 Mar

By Karabelle…*Pure Editorial, Non-Paid Pos; service provided for reviewt) 

Best Beauty Go-To In the Garden State: Lashes

When the opportunity arose to get eyelash extensions, I jumped and I jumped FAST. For as long as I can remember I have suffered from some serious eyelash envy. From the fluttering lashes of the Kardashian clan splattered across the tabloids…to girls batting and brunching throughout NYC – I couldn’t help but yearn for longer, fuller, darker and sexier lashes. I’m naturally blonde so even though Suzette, the amazing Xtreme lash certified stylist and owner of The Lash House Beauty Boutique, insisted that I had long lashes, she did note just how blonde they really were. My fair tipped lashes made going completely make-up free near impossible…but Suzette and The Lash House were about to change all that.


Located in the heart of Livingston, NJ, I arrived a bit nervous in anticipation of the next few hours of my life. While I had researched the process before attending, I wasn’t sure if I was truly capable of keeping still for two hours straight while the lashes were strategically applied. Well, just moments after arriving my nerves completed dissipated – from the salon’s stunning aesthetics and atmosphere to the warm and inviting staff, I knew this was the perfect place for me. It wasn’t a ‘house’ it was a ‘home’.

Suzette greeted me and had me fill out a quick form just to get some necessary information before we started. I detailed my allergies (or lack there of) and the type of makeup/skincare I use – all to determine I was a candidate and there would be no complications or adverse reactions to glue, materials used etc. (I mean, it is my eyeballs after all!). Suzette offered me my first “aha” of the day, when she explained that any makeup or removers containing oil will cause my “individuals” to fall out faster, noting that even some products marked ‘oil-free’ are still allowed to have up to 30% of oil in them.

After all the paperwork was complete – I was whisked off and my lash-over began. The process of applying eyelash extensions involves gluing the extensions individually to the base line of your natural lashes. Though it might sound trivial in written word, it is anything but that. This is a precise and painstaking process, that takes an extreme level of skill and training (so tip your lash stylist WELL!). Suzette was extremely friendly throughout the appointment, making conversation flow easily and constantly making sure I was comfortable (though the easy conversation might just be because we are both Jersey girls). Either way, it was easy to see that she is passionate about both her business and her technique; she only wants the best of the best.   And I got the BESTof the best…of the best…well – you get my drift. I went from Saturday morning slob, to Saturday sexy seductress in just 120 minutes (if only all things could be that easy).


It’s been two weeks since receiving my service and let me state for the record - I am completely blown away. Sans makeup in both my before and after photos, you can see just what an impact it creates; my eyes pop, the color of my eyes seems more robust and lets be honest, I feel more va-va-voom confident.  My morning routine is cut in half and I’m now free to leave my house completely make-up free.

Might I also note, girls in lashes get LOTS of passes (and free coffees!).

If you’re contemplating getting lash extensions… don’t hesitate for another minute – you won’t regret it. And if you live in the tri-state area, this  is the only place to go.

The Lash House, Suzette and her staff get five stars (or in this case, winks) from this beauty blogger.

The Lash House
250 South Livingston Avenue
Livingston, New Jersey 07039


Teaser Set:
Lash Artist: $135
Master Lash Artist: $150

Signature Set:
Lash Artist: $300
Master Lash Artist: $350

45 Minute Touch-Up:
Lash Artist: $65-$75
Master Lash Artist: $85

75 Minute Touch-Up:
Lash Artist: $100-$125
Master Lash Artist: $135

*Prices are based on amount of lashes and desired look.

The Lash House has more than just extensions – check out their other services here!



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Dinner at Tiffani’s…

23 Mar

By Christabelle… @CBellesCloset (*Pure Editorial, Non-Paid Post) Dinner at TIffani

Many of you dreamed of taking Tiffani Theissen (formerly Tiffani-Amber) out to dinner back in the Saved By the Bell days…fast forward to 2014  - your dreams have become reality. Now you can have Dinner at Tiffani’s once a week – Sunday to be exact.

The stunning and oh-so-talented-cook-in the kitchen, actress and Super Mom Tiffani Thiessen, hosts an intimate dinner party with her celebrity friends Nathan Fillion (Castle aka my #1 crush), Willie Garson (Sex and the City), and Lindsay Price (90210). Join them all as she preps and creates some of her favorite home cooked dishes. Dinner at Tiffani’s (airing on The Cooking Channel) promises to serve up some great food, delicious drinks and entertaining stories from some of our favorite stars.

Question is…how do I get an invite to dins?!? #whywasntiinvited 

That’s ok Tiff, I still love you girl…#dinnerattiffanis

Tune in every Sunday on the Cooking Channel (check your local listings for times)


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Keep Your Red Locks Longer…

15 Mar

By Christabelle… @CBellesCloset (*Pure Editorial, Non-Paid Post) 

Red-loving salon clients and their stylists, rejoice! The new Matrix COLORINSIDER High Intensity Red collection produces gorgeous, pure, cool red shades with visible intensity and incomparable longevity.  Now Matrix haircolor clients can expect their salon-gorgeous red color to stay truer for up to 8 weeks*.  These pure, cool red shades brilliantly round out the beautiful existing copper- and violet-toned reds in the ammonia-free COLORINSIDER palette, meeting every demand of discerning color professionals and their clients.


The Science: PR6 Technology
Thanks to innovative haircolor technology, color professionals have an exciting new option to work with cool, pure-toned reds that aren’t muted by traces of copper or prone to fading. These shades offer the ultimate in intensity, vibrancy and longevity.

The newly patented PR6 Technology that powers the Matrix COLORINSIDER High Intensity Red took eight years of research to perfect. This technology is the key to the long-lasting vibrancy of the new High Intensity Red: it features a unique, six-sided, extended molecule structure. The PR6 size and multi-dimensional structure means that it is able to withstand unwanted interference from other, background tones within the hair .  Yet, while the molecule is larger in size , it is still small enough to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, shot to the core via  Color Injection ODS² .What’s more, these molecules are able to couple with other dyes, a “safety in numbers” situation that prevents them from being diluted or eliminated with shampooing. The result? The new High Intensity Red are the colorist’s “holy grail”—cool reds that stay truer for up to eight weeks*!

The Shades
The three new Cool, Red Violet plus shades contained in the High Intensity Red collection—4RV+, 5RV+ and 6RV+–represent the next generation in red haircolor, and offer colorists a brand new, exciting, exceptionally long-lasting, red palette.

The Color
Matrix COLORINSIDER precision permanent no-ammonia color features the unique ODS2 technology that propels color actives directly to the hair’s core for high resolution impact and color that is true, sharp and saturated. The result is shiny, healthy hair with no unpleasant odor.

The High Intensity Red collection joins the comprehensive portfolio of COLORINSIDER shades, providing stylists and their clients with an endless array of healthy, effective, state-of-the-art haircolor options.

The new shades will be available in salons in March of 2014.

*Based on 40 shampoos

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HOW TO: Valentino Paris Runway Hair RTW FALL14

5 Mar

By Christabelle… @CBellesCloset (*Pure Editorial, Non-Paid Post) 

Redken Creative Consultant Guido created a playful look for Valentino’s RTW Fall/Winter 2014 show, which lent itself to the eccentric designs this season. Unlike a classic chignon or the austere low ponytail from last season, the hair at Valentino was fun and added lightness to the collection as a whole.

“The collection this season felt more eclectic, so I wanted the hair at Valentino to be more whimsical and playful. I created a simple part and added a little bit of height at the crown to give the hair a late 60s kind of feel. Regardless of these youthful subtitles, the vibe remained true to the brand’s identity. The hair is beautiful and very Valentino.”

-Guido, Redken Creative Consultant

Photo: Greg Kessler, Redken

Photo: Greg Kessler, Redken

Create the Look:

  1. Apply guts 10 root targeted volume spray foam to damp hair
  2. Blow-dry hair straight with natural bristle brush
  3. Create a clean center part
  4. Comb hair straight back creating slight lift at the crown
  5. Gather hair into a low ponytail covering ears and secure with elastic
  6. Place elastics every 2-3 inches down the ponytail
  7. Pull hair in between each elastic to puff out the hair
  8. Finish with forceful 23 super strength finishing spray

For more information visit Redken.com, like Redken on Facebook or follow on twitter and Instagram 

Valentino Raun

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HOW TO: Amy Adams Oscar 2014 Hair & Makeup

3 Mar

By Christabelle… @CBellesCloset (*Pure Editorial, Non-Paid Post) 

Amy Adams looked divine last night in her sapphire blue Gucci gown, but her look would never have been complete without her magical hair style and lip color.

Now YOU can replicate her stunning hair and makeup looks at home with Kérastase, Tom Ford Beauty and Laura Mercier…

Amy Adams Oscar Look

Celebrity Hairstylist Renato Campora for Kérastase used products from the brand’s Couture Styling collection to give Amy a slick-backed, sculpted French twist. “We wanted the hair to compliment the dress. It’s very classic and elegant,” says Renato.

She donned a neutral yet punchy combination of two lip colors: Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour in Cozy topped with Tom Ford Beauty Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Rose Crush, according to makeup artist Stephen Sollitto, who created her Oscar 2014 face.

How to Create Amy’s Hair Look:

Step 1: On wet hair apply Kérastase Mousse Bouffante

Step 2: Part the hair on the left side, distributing Kérastase Forme Fatale from mid-lengths to ends and blow dry with a round brush

Step 3: Take the top section and separate it from the rest of the hair

Step 4: Create a French twist with the remaining back section and pin into place with bobby pins

Step 5: Apply Kérastase Forme Fatale throughout all sections for optimal shine

Step 6: Curl the remaining top section with a 1″ barrel iron to create waves. Let the hair cool and brush through

Step 7: Pull the top lengths back, combining them into the French Twist and pin

Step 8: Polish off the look with Kérastase Laque Couture

Products Used:

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