Simple, Genius, Love…Up-Cycle

29 Jan

By Christabelle… @CBellesCloset

christina carathanassis

My Lucienne Pinafore – turned sexy-apron from Agent Provocateur

By trade, I should be one of those girls who doesn’t ever go into her kitchen…but alas, by culture, I am just NOT one of those girls. I spend more time in my kitchen cooking and baking, then I do sleeping (albeit in my Louboutins and Agent Provocateur pinafore turned sexy-apron, of course… it all makes the food taste more sinful, dontcha think?). Accomplished in the kitchen indeed, but a sloppy little homemaker- I make the work of Taz seem like child’s play. My mom nicknamed me “Hands” growing up, because everything I touched, I spilled. BTW – thanks mom – still in therapy for that one!

Trolling the web for the latest and greatest ideas…I stumbled upon this on Pinterest and had to share.  Not only does this save my baked goodie ingredients…I also tried it with my bag of Skittles (yes, one of my vices). It saved them too (but not from going into my stomach). Kind of genius – and helping to save the environment – thumbs up.

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One Response to “Simple, Genius, Love…Up-Cycle”

  1. Lara January 29, 2013 at 11:50 AM #

    love this idea and wow – your husband is one lucky man! I cook in my sweats hah…love yoiur site!!!

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